Installation & Quick Start

Glim framework source resides in pypi which is the most popular python repository service. You can download glim and create a simple app by the following;

# create a project folder
mkdir project
cd project

# create & activate virtualenv
virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate

# install glim from pypi
pip install glim

# prints glim help
glim --help

# create a new app
glim new

# start the app
glim start

If you don't have virtualenv & pip you can install them by the following;

# install pip
sudo easy_install pip

# install virtualenv
sudo easy_install virtualenv
# OR
sudo pip install virtualenv



It's completely optional to use virtualenv. However, to make the app work seperated from project, glim changes stuff in python system path. Therefore, it's highly recommended to use it.

Optionally, if you want multiple apps to run with the same glim, obviously you don't need to install it on seperate virtual environments. You can also create & start a glim app by the following;

# create a project in project folder
glim new project
cd project

# start the project
glim start


cwd path

Glim currently requires to be run with the current working directory path. Therefore, $ glim start project won't run the app. It's needed to be run inside project folder.

This issue will be addressed in the further releases of project