This section includes information about how to contribute to the project, versioning rules and project development workflow.


Currently, glim is not using any versioning standards before 1.x releases. After the 1.0 release, the project will use semantic versioning. Currently, the versioning is used only to seperate milestones of development. The minor version numbers increase only in bug fixes. You can check the Roadmap & Future Releases section for future releases and its versions.

Development Workflow

We are using github for the issue tracking. All the issues are consolidated there. The workflow of development will be the following;

  • User creates a github issue.
  • If this is a bug, the issue will be replicated by admin and approved, else it will be discussed and approved.
  • Developer creates a local branch if this is a minor issue, else creates a remote branch.
  • Developer provides a pull request.
  • Admin merges from feature branch to dev branch and tests the feature requests locally.
  • Admin merges from dev branch to master branch

Currently, it is unfortunate that all the actors mentioned above is 1 person. Therefore, it is needed more and more contributors.


Please provide tests after solving issues

After the 0.11 releases of glim, writing unit tests will be an obligation.